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MAD: The Luxury Partner in the Client Age

Our mission

We exist to enable the luxury sector, its ‘maisons’ and people, to shine to their full potential in the Client Age.

Our ambition

Be the n°1 business partner that luxury decision makers call when they face a challenge of the Client Age, from strategy to activation.

Our unique approach: Magic & Logic

This philosophy highlights our approach, which is both deeply business-minded and analytical, while always nurturing the dreams, creativity and emotions that make the luxury sector so unique.

Our practices

At MAD, strategy requires a perfect mastery of the reality of the Maisons. Our obsession with results compels us to align strategy and operations so that our recommendations are ambitious, innovative, and inspiring while remaining realistic, concrete, and effective.

At MAD, we are convinced that Talent is the true engine of a brand's success. Complementary to MAD Strategy, MAD Academy is the Transformational Learning practice of the firm, a true business partner that activates the levers of change and performance directly with your teams, thus making it possible to rapidly implement your strategies.

At MAD, we are convinced that Talent is the true engine of a brand's success. Complementary to MAD Strategy, MAD Talent is an executive search firm recognized for identifying, recruiting, and highlighting Luxury Talents while providing a deep understanding of the organizational challenges of the Maisons.

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Our business sectors

Fashion & Leather Goods

MAD supports numerous players in the Fashion and Leather Goods sector across our five areas of expertise (Brand, Offer, Client, Distribution, People & Organisation). Omnichannel distribution issues hold significant importance (retail deployment strategy, retail concept, omnichannel integration, customer experience, retail performance, retail organization, etc.).

Watches & Jewelry

MAD supports key players in the Watches and Jewelry sector across five expertise areas (Brand, Offer, Client, Distribution, People & Organisation). Our expertise enables us to assist both mature actors in retailization and those transitioning towards a retail model.


MAD engages in Beauty with strategies in supply strategies, service innovation and customer experience, distribution strategies, transition to D2C, winning over HNWI, integrating brands at the group level, brand (re)launch, and Wellness strategies. MAD also supports other Luxury players diversifying into beauty.

Wines & Spirits

MAD supports major players in the Luxury Wines and Spirits sector in developing their strategies. In this sector, MAD's key focuses are primarily on Brand Elevation and Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) distribution strategies.


MAD supports major players in the Luxury automotive industry in developing their strategies, which often still rely on a wholesale dealership model. Key considerations include customer experience and clienteling strategy in this context, and relevant product diversification for often iconic brands.


As product-based luxury and hospitality converge, MAD guides leaders in the hotel industry in their strategic thinking about their brand, offerings, positioning, experience, and customer service, equipping them to excel in the luxury universe.

Malls & Departments Stores

Across all continents, MAD assists malls and department stores in their elevation towards Luxury. Our expertise applies to both future projects (strategic framing, positioning, offer strategy, experience strategy, brand strategy, zoning, leasing strategy, etc.) and existing projects (assessment, retail performance, strategic repositioning, etc.).

Financial Institutions

MAD assists financial institutions in their investment strategies in the Luxury sector, covering M&A strategy, due diligence, and operational support.

Our expertises


Because a brand is the most valuable asset of a house, MAD supports its clients in both the creation or updating of brand platforms and in securing the integrity of their brand during diversification strategies, offer extensions, or external growth.


The luxury industry is primarily a supply-driven market. MAD assists brands in optimizing product assortments, analyzing their positioning, and their diversification strategies on an international scale. For distributors and specialized malls, we define their brand strategies.


Putting the customer back at the heart of the strategic equation has always been the reason MAD exists. We support the Houses on the definition and execution of their customer strategies: customer journey (using an omnichannel approach), CRM strategy (customer segmentation, customer activation, contact plan), VICs strategy (acquisition, development, retention).


Our expertise in distribution caters to both brands with a strong retail maturity (network strategy, new concepts, omnichannel integration, customer experience, commercial performance, organization, and enablers, etc.) and players looking to evolve their model (wholesale elevation strategy, retailization, and D2C acceleration).

People & Organisation

People issues are strategic in the luxury industry. Organization and employer branding missions are led by MAD Strategy, while MAD Academy designs holistic and innovative learning approaches, and MAD Talent supports our clients with C Level recruitment.


In the era of the no-channel, digital offers luxury an infinite universe of opportunities, while presenting unique challenges. MAD supports the brands in this profound transformation, which aims to offer a truly different, fluid and seamless experience, with agile organisations that anticipate change and integrate innovation at the heart of their development.

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