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MAD's expertise

With an unrivalled team of 60+ high-profile luxury specialists, MAD’s expertise is unparalleled, and built upon 5 key know-how as an answer to the challenges of the Client Age. We are...
/ Experts of international luxury clienteles
/ Business minds who know how to dream
/ Operational strategists used to luxury cultures
/ Nurturers of luxury talents
/ Simplicity makers

Our 3 values

Bring enthusiasm to daily life
  • / Be true to yourself
  • / Share your positive energy, it is contagious!
  • / Enjoy your chance to work on fascinating topics in a fascinating sector
  • / And be willing to help
Bringing enthusiasm to everyday life
  • / Be true to yourself, to your values
  • /Sharing positive energy on a daily basis
  • /Be happy to work on exciting topics in a fascinating sector
  • /And be ready to help, be a volunteer
Nourish respectul and intense relationships
  • / Listen and accept the difference
  • / Always maintain the same level of kindness
  • / Be empathetic
  • / Connect with authenticity
  • / Be invested in the relationship and enable people to grow
Dare to go further, and sometimes even sideways
  • / Be curious
  • / Trust the innovative power of your left and right brains combined
  • / Share your most ambitious convictions, your vision can make the world a better place
  • / And be as demanding with yourself, form and content, as luxury clienteles are with luxury ‘maisons’
Dare to go further, and sometimes even to the side
  • /Be curious
  • /Innovating thanks to the power of the two brain hemispheres combined
  • /Sharing your beliefs, even the most ambitious ones: our vision can make the world a better place
  • /Be demanding of yourself as well, both in terms of form and content

Our international offices

The first office opened in 2009, and it was here that Delphine Vitry, an expert in the luxury industry, and Jean Révis, an expert in corporate strategy, began their collaboration. 15 years later, the Paris office has more than 60 consultants of 6 different nationalities and works for more than 100 luxury customers.

In 2020, MAD Shanghai marks a crucial stage in its development, illustrating MAD's commitment to providing its customers with the best possible support in meeting the strategic, operational and organisational challenges created by the explosion of the Chinese luxury market.

Our practices

At MAD, strategy requires a perfect control of the reality of houses. Our obsession with results requires us toalign strategy and operations So that our recommendations are ambitious, innovative and inspiring By staying realistic, concrete and effective.

At MAD, we are convinced that talent is the real engine of success of a brand. Complementary to MAD Strategy, MAD Academy is the practice Transformational Learning from the firm, a true business partner that operates the levers for change and performance directly with your teams and who thus makes possible the accelerated implementation of your strategies.

At MAD, we are convinced that theTalents are the real engine of a brand's success. Complementary to MAD Strategy, MAD Talent is a executive search firm recognized for identify, recruit and promote Luxury Talents while bringing a in-depth knowledge of housing organization issues.

Our group

Leading consulting firm with an expertise spanning 15 years and a multi-cultural team of 60 consultants, uniquely positioned to enable the luxury sector, its ‘maisons’ and people, to shine to their full potential in the Client Age.

Acquired in 2019 by MAD, the 1889 agency imagines, develops and operates experience programs for Luxury Maisons.

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