MAD Academy

Transformational Learning

Our manifesto

We are experts in luxury retail learning
supporting growth and driving long-lasting change
– for both learners and the maison(s)

What we believe in ...
What we commit to

We believe that...

People are a (luxury) Maison’s
most precious asset

The learning department should be a business partner within their Maison

Each learner has their own
way of learning

We are committed to...

Treating learners & trainers in the same way they would treat their clients

Supporting learning departments
with the right tools and mindset

Crafting engaging learning journeys
that blend a wide array formats

Training topics covered by MAD Academy

Knowledge about...

/ Brand Culture & Values

/ Brand History & Assets

/ Product

/ Digital Tools

/ Luxury World (luxury brand key criteria, luxury client expectations, main trends, etc.)

/ Luxury Competitor Benchmark

Know-how about...

/ Selling Ceremony (ice-breaking, story-telling, etc.)

/ Selling Techniques (cross-selling, up-selling, dealing with objections, etc.)

/ Clienteling

/ Product Presentation Gestures & Rituals

Behavior about...

/ Staff Attitudes

/ Leadership and Team Management

/ Emotional Intelligence

/ Mindset Change (brand strategic shift, digitalization, etc.)

Support for training relays

A set of training tools to assist training relays in facilitating and animating training sessions with efficiency and ease.

Training relays support

A set of tools for training relays to efficiently animate training session :

/ Training Facilitation sheets (training topics, objectives, time, tools preparation, etc. )

/ Train-the-trainer Animation

/ Training animation directly to end-learners (TBD based on the No. of learners)

Our clients

We mainly work with 4 different types of learners.


At corporate, regional and market levels:

/ How to be a good trainer?

/ How to facilitate a training?

/ How to measure training impact?

/ Client and Retail topics (retail KPIs, CRM/clienteling,…)

Retail/WHS Department Managers

Retail managers, at both global and regional levels:

/ How to animate my team?

/ How to be a good leader?

/ How to manage business/retail/client needs?

/ How to track KPIs?

/ CRM/Clienteling

Field staff (SM, CA)

Store teams, from support functions to frontline staff

/ Selling techniques

/ Selling skills

/ Product training

/ CRM/Clienteling

HQ Department (S)

Business teams, both at global and regional levels

/ Management

/ Leadership

/ CRM/Clienteling

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