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MAD is the a pure player in luxury consulting, at the service of the influence of its Houses and its talents, in the Age of the Customer.

Fashion & leather goods, jewelry & watches, perfumes & beauty, wines & spirits, cars, hotels, retail, etc., MAD supports the biggest names in luxury around the world, as well as the most confidential Maisons.

MAD is today a team of more than 60 consultants, luxury specialists, multicultural, passionate, analytical and intuitive, with common values: bring enthusiasm to daily life; nourish respectful and intense relationships; dare to go further, and sometimes even sideways!
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The firm operates in over 20 countries from Paris and Shanghai, bringing together three complementary professions:

MAD Strategy


MAD Talent

Transformation learning

MAD Academy


Grades and developments

Working alongside the finest luxury Maisons as trusted advisors and innovative problem solvers, our teams of consultants uncover and create opportunities that generate positive value and lasting impact.

MAD Strategy teams continuously engage both their left and right brains! They combine the rigor of a strategic consulting firm with a nuanced understanding of the challenges and issues in the luxury industry!
Want to learn more about careers at MAD and how you can apply your expertise? Discover below what it means to work with us.

Be a Consultant at MAD

Join a team that will guide you in learning the consulting profession and help you grow. You will be responsible for specific elements of a project (analyses, participation in client presentations, etc.).
A Consultant must demonstrate thoroughness, reliability in analysis, and the ability to clearly and concisely present their work.

Be a Senior Consultant at MAD

Manage broader and more complex modules while developing your autonomy.
A Senior Consultant should show initiative and project confidence and credibility.

Be a Project Leader at MAD

Guide and support one or more consultants, helping them to thrive by directing their efforts and expanding their knowledge and skills.
A Project Leader manages modules within missions autonomously, leads 2 to 3 consultants, and is the operational point of contact for their modules with the client.

Being a manager at MAD

Build lasting relationships with your clients, contribute to managing MAD teams' careers as a Career Reference Manager.
A Manager independently manages their missions, leads small teams, and ensures the credibility of deliverables with the client.

Be a Senior Manager at MAD

Build lasting relationships with your clients, contribute to managing MAD teams' careers as a Career Reference Manager, and develop your leadership.
A Senior Manager manages complex, high-stakes missions, leads large teams, and ensures the credibility of deliverables with the client.

Being a Principal at MAD

A Principal embodies the mission's credibility, manages client relationships, and participates in MAD's commercial efforts by starting to develop a client portfolio.

Be an Associate Partner at MAD

Be recognized as a trusted "thinking partner" to your clients, offering alongside your teams, original, impactful, and striking ideas. You contribute to commercial efforts, intellectual leadership, and the firm's growth.

Be a Partner at MAD

Bring in-depth luxury experience and expertise to your clients.
As a Partner, you embody MAD's credibility, expand your influence, and define MAD's culture and strategic direction.

Career Management

Because we firmly believe that our teams are our main asset, our HR program is designed to ensure their development, advancement, and fulfillment.

Continuous training

We guarantee a high level of expertise among our consultants through a continually evolving training program.

Assessment & Career Management

Our consultants undergo regular evaluations, and consistent support allows for the personalization of training needs, mission opportunities, and career progression.

Promoting values of equity

To foster diversity, MAD selects its team members solely based on their experiences, projects, and ambitions.
Diversity and inclusion are manifested through our commitment to fairness. Our recruitment and promotion criteria are based solely on commitment, performance, and the development of shared values, excluding any consideration of sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, etc.

These values and principles are embodied daily through the "fair" career management process we have developed.

The human scale of our firm and our explicit desire to always best respond to the individuality of each person enable us to offer career progression and treatment that always guarantees a principle of equity.

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