MAD supports major players in the Luxury automotive industry in developing their strategies, which often still rely on a wholesale dealership model. Key considerations include customer experience and clienteling strategy in this context, and relevant product diversification for often iconic brands.

Nos expertises

Marque & Offre

More than ever, the power of brand discourse is at the heart of the performance of luxury brands. MAD supports its customers in the construction of Brand platforms with three skills: The search for a profound discourse, structured and recognizable; the strengthening of luxury positioning; and the declination of the concept into creative rules that fuel product, communication, distribution, HR, and ESG. All at the service of a brand that maximizes emotion as well as ROI.

Brand Platform

The improvement in the performance of Maisons is expected to a significant part due to their ability to increase the average basket of existing customers. To achieve this, MAD supports the implementation of holistic strategies covering the offer, the experience, customer treatment, the management of high-potential customers, the recruitment and training of teams, the implementation of management tools... the whole at the service of desirability of the House and its capacity to build a sustainable VIC base.

Brand Elevation Strategy

MAD supports brands in the identification of new product territories, legitimate, growth drivers for Maisons that are sometimes single-product today, or on the contrary already part of a broad universe. What areas of development are consistent for a Brand? With which business model (s) and which business plan? What resources and what horizon? How much time should we consider for strategic and sustainable development?

Brand Diversification

The experiential signature is a promise of uniqueness and coherence. It represents the translating the brand platform into the eyes of the customer. Our methodology is based on 3 dimensions (key memory, key emotions, key iconic moments) deployable on all types of customer contact points (physical and digital).

Experiential signature

At the time when the boundaries between Product Luxury and Experiential Luxury are becoming more and more tenuous, Manufacture, Family Home, Family Home, Museum, Palace, Cellars are all prestigious assets to be valued and experientialize while ensuring value creation. MAD supports Luxury Houses throughout the value chain of these projects (strategic framework, image ambition, business ambition, experiential content, hospitality & F&B, organization, organization, selection of creative talent).

Brand Home


MAD supports Maisons in the definition and implementation of their CRM strategies. Our expertise covers the entire CRM value chain : guiding principles, customer segmentation, customer data collection, CRM journey, CRM journey, activation formats, principles and measurement of ROI, qualitative and quantitative analysis of customer data, organization (central vs. local).

CRM & clienteling strategy

MAD teams design owner sales ceremonies for luxury houses. Combining the expression of the uniqueness of the brand and commercial efficiency, the latter go beyond the transactional dimension of customer-seller exchanges in favor of an approach resolutely focused on building a lasting customer-brand-seller relationship. Deployed across the entire network, they are nonetheless always adapted to the local specificities of each store.

Selling Ceremony

VIC populations (Very Important Customers) are becoming an increasingly central issue for Maisons. They represent as well a business challenge than a key image. In this context, MAD supports the Houses in the creation and implementation of strategies dedicated to VICs. Recruitment strategy, offer strategy, strategy for dealing with VICs, loyalty strategy, image enhancement strategy, performance measurement.

VIC strategy


Mastering your image and the ability to elevate your brand pass through a control of its distribution. MAD helps Maisons rethink or reinvent their distribution models by working on the definition and implementation of D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) strategies. Strategic framework, definition of formats, economic model, organizational model, deployment roadmap.

D2C strategy

Define the good concept in line with image and business ambitions is a central issue for Maisons. Our proven methodology is based on 5 key steps: strategic framework, retail story, customer journey, commercial brief, functional brief (front of house and back of house). We also organize architectural competitions in order to select the best creative talent.

Retail Concept

The experiential signature is a promise of uniqueness and coherence. It represents the translating the brand platform into the eyes of the customer. Our methodology is based on 3 dimensions (key memory, key emotions, key iconic moments) deployable on all types of customer contact points (physical and digital).

Experiential signature

The art of assortment in Luxury lies in the ability of Maisons to Balance with finesse commercial performance and increase in brand equity. Of the optimization of assortments, adapted to store clusters and market requirements, Until the glorification of iconic pieces via the visible assortment, our expertise also includes restocking constraints in an omnichannel reality. Our approach Magic & Logic guides our customers through each link in the merchandising value chain, thus ensuring a decisive image coherence and business impact.

Product Assortment strategy

People & Organisation

The growth of luxury houses has been unprecedented in 20 years, in a complex and omnichannel international market, with increasingly demanding customers. In this context where everyone's roles and the required talents are evolving rapidly, MAD supports its clients in strategic thinking for transformation, thanks to proprietary methodologies and based on our unique knowledge of the sector.


MAD supports Maisons in defining “career paths” that allowattract, develop and retain talent, While strengthening their commitment. In a context of tension on key profiles, offering a “career path” sends A strong signal to talent Who place progression and recognition among their main expectations.

Career Paths

Luxury is an industry of “people” where the human relationship is central. In a world where relationships at work are challenged, where turnover is a critical KPI, MAD supports Maisons in the definition of the employer brand, symmetrical to the Brand Platform and to the customer promise.

Employer Value Proposition

Convinced of the strategic importance of training for luxury brands, the MAD Academy teams, MAD's transformation learning practice, support our clients in the writing of their training strategy, the definition of their Learning organization, and the creation of unique experiences and tailor-made blended training programs. Our commitment: enable retail teams to increase their skills and become the first brand ambassadors.

Transformation Learning (MAD AC)

Today more than ever, performance and sustainability of brands and Maisons pass by their ability to attract, recruit, develop and retain the best talent, creative, managerial and operational. Nourished by advice and managed by experts in Luxury and Executive Search, MAD Talent supports its clients in the format that best suits their needs: recruitment, interim management, HR consulting and talent mapping.

Executive Search


Recent developments in Deep Learning and generative AI are disrupting the ways of working across all industries and the Luxury sector is not exempt from this technological revolution. Beyond identifying the current applications of AI-enhanced tools (analysis and clustering, personalized recommendations, automated product pages...), MAD supports its clients in anticipating organizational changes and new challenges raised by AI.

AI Acceleration

In an omnichannel approach, customer journeys must be reconsidered, ensuring consistency in the message, the tone, and the emotions across all channels. Feeding on the Maisons’ DNA and their experiential signature, MAD supports its clients in defining content strategies that serve image and business ambitions.

Social Media & Content Strategy

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