The luxury industry is primarily a supply-driven market. MAD assists brands in optimizing product assortments, analyzing their positioning, and their diversification strategies on an international scale. For distributors and specialized malls, we define their brand strategies.

Brand Elevation Strategy

The improvement in the performance of Maisons is expected to a significant part due to their ability to increase the average basket of existing customers. To achieve this, MAD supports the implementation of holistic strategies covering the offer, the experience, customer treatment, the management of high-potential customers, the recruitment and training of teams, the implementation of management tools... the whole at the service of desirability of the House and its capacity to build a sustainable VIC base.

Brand Diversification

MAD supports brands in the identification of new product territories, legitimate, growth drivers for Maisons that are sometimes single-product today, or on the contrary already part of a broad universe. What areas of development are consistent for a Brand? With which business model (s) and which business plan? What resources and what horizon? How much time should we consider for strategic and sustainable development?

Product Assortment Strategy

The art of assortment in Luxury lies in the ability of Maisons to Balance with finesse commercial performance and increase in brand equity. Of the optimization of assortments, adapted to store clusters and market requirements, Until the glorification of iconic pieces via the visible assortment, our expertise also includes restocking constraints in an omnichannel reality. Our approach Magic & Logic guides our customers through each link in the merchandising value chain, thus ensuring a decisive image coherence and business impact.

Product Development Processes

Going from the brief formulated in the studio to industrialization and then production by meeting the retail price, margin and quality targets requires a continuous questioning of organizations, processes and tools. In fact, the complexity of collections (pace, integration of know-how, expansion of the offer... ), the integration of new challenges (regulation, sustainability), 360 coordination needs (purchases, communication,...) require constant adjustment. MAD supports its customers in this process for secure the development of their collections.

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