Because a brand is the most valuable asset of a house, MAD supports its clients in both the creation or updating of brand platforms and in securing the integrity of their brand during diversification strategies, offer extensions, or external growth.

Brand Platform

More than ever, the power of brand discourse is at the heart of the performance of luxury brands. MAD supports its customers in the construction of Brand platforms with three skills: The search for a profound discourse, structured and recognizable; the strengthening of luxury positioning; and the declination of the concept into creative rules that fuel product, communication, distribution, HR, and ESG. All at the service of a brand that maximizes emotion as well as ROI.

Brand Elevation Strategy

The improvement in the performance of Maisons is expected to a significant part due to their ability to increase the average basket of existing customers. To achieve this, MAD supports the implementation of holistic strategies covering the offer, the experience, customer treatment, the management of high-potential customers, the recruitment and training of teams, the implementation of management tools... the whole at the service of desirability of the House and its capacity to build a sustainable VIC base.

Brand Diversification

MAD supports brands in the identification of new product territories, legitimate, growth drivers for Maisons that are sometimes single-product today, or on the contrary already part of a broad universe. What areas of development are consistent for a Brand? With which business model (s) and which business plan? What resources and what horizon? How much time should we consider for strategic and sustainable development?

Experiential signature

The experiential signature is a promise of uniqueness and coherence. It represents the translating the brand platform into the eyes of the customer. Our methodology is based on 3 dimensions (key memory, key emotions, key iconic moments) deployable on all types of customer contact points (physical and digital).

Brand Home

At the time when the boundaries between Product Luxury and Experiential Luxury are becoming more and more tenuous, Manufacture, Family Home, Family Home, Museum, Palace, Cellars are all prestigious assets to be valued and experientialize while ensuring value creation. MAD supports Luxury Houses throughout the value chain of these projects (strategic framework, image ambition, business ambition, experiential content, hospitality & F&B, organization, organization, selection of creative talent).

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