Our expertise in distribution caters to both brands with a strong retail maturity (network strategy, new concepts, omnichannel integration, customer experience, commercial performance, organization, and enablers, etc.) and players looking to evolve their model (wholesale elevation strategy, retailization, and D2C acceleration).

D2C Strategy

Mastering your image and the ability to elevate your brand pass through a control of its distribution. MAD helps Maisons rethink or reinvent their distribution models by working on the definition and implementation of D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) strategies. Strategic framework, definition of formats, economic model, organizational model, deployment roadmap.

Retail Development Strategy

The physical or digital retail continues to reinvent itself in a post-Covid context. While increasing the number of physical points of sale is not the priority of major players, the emergence of certain regions of the world, the shortness of breath of others, and the complexity of retail models in general, are all subjects on which MAD supports its customers.

Customer Journeys

MAD supports luxury brands in the design and implementation of exceptional customer journeys, in a omnichannel context. We make tailor-made strategies, adapted to each House, around a experiential signature, to create distinctive and memorable experiences at every touchpoint. Anchored in the fundamentals of luxury, the signature of experience is both inspiring and concrete, and far from the outdated visions of a robotic experience.

Retail Concept

Define the good concept in line with image and business ambitions is a central issue for Maisons. Our proven methodology is based on 5 key steps: strategic framework, retail story, customer journey, commercial brief, functional brief (front of house and back of house). We also organize architectural competitions in order to select the best creative talent.

Retail Performance

Retail performance is at the heart of the profitability of Houses. Which organization, which performance indicators and which dashboards (for central and local teams, up to the store manager), What digital tools are the most relevant for maximizing profitability ? These are strategic issues for Maisons that operate on a recent and limited network, like those who animate hundreds of stores in various formats.

Retail Assessment

MAD created a proprietary methodology in order to offer to the Houses a thorough and expert analysis of their stores. At the scale of a store, a region or a global network, MAD teams analyze the key elements of retail qualitatively and quantitatively (store concept, look & feel, personal, speech, tools, services). MAD also offers Comparative retail assessments In order to assess the quality of its retail in relation to other predefined actors.

Experiential signature

The experiential signature is a promise of uniqueness and coherence. It represents the translating the brand platform into the eyes of the customer. Our methodology is based on 3 dimensions (key memory, key emotions, key iconic moments) deployable on all types of customer contact points (physical and digital).

Omnichannel Assessment

Faced with increasingly complex customer journeys, MAD offers a innovative approach aimed at evaluating a Maison's omnichannel maturity across all of its contact points: retail, e-commerce, customer service, social networks, social networks, VOC (Voice of Customer), omni-channel services (C&C, R&C, click from store, boutique appointment)... By combining quantitative and qualitative criteria, MAD analysis the performance of the omnichannel customer experience to lead to a targeted vision and a specific action plan.

E-commerce Assessment

MAD has created a proprietary methodology to assess the performance of an e-commerce site for a Maison in comparison to its competitors. The assessment breaks down all key criteria and sub-criteria of the user experience (homepage, navigation, checkout, content, etc.). Taking into account the e-commerce specificities of each sector and highlighting best practices per sub-criteria, this offering aims to bring out strengths and areas for improvement to formulate pragmatic and commercially effective recommendations.

Product Assortment Strategy

The art of assortment in Luxury lies in the ability of Maisons to Balance with finesse commercial performance and increase in brand equity. Of the optimization of assortments, adapted to store clusters and market requirements, Until the glorification of iconic pieces via the visible assortment, our expertise also includes restocking constraints in an omnichannel reality. Our approach Magic & Logic guides our customers through each link in the merchandising value chain, thus ensuring a decisive image coherence and business impact.

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