In the era of the no-channel, digital offers luxury an infinite universe of opportunities, while presenting unique challenges. MAD supports the brands in this profound transformation, which aims to offer a truly different, fluid and seamless experience, with agile organisations that anticipate change and integrate innovation at the heart of their development.

Omnichannel Strategy

In response to increasingly complex customer journeys, MAD supports Luxury Maisons in implementing consistent and effective distribution strategies across all touchpoints: retail, e-commerce, customer service, social media, VOC (Voice of Customer), omnichannel services (Click & Collect, Reserve & Collect, click from store, boutique appointment), etc. Through a 360° evaluation of the brand's omnichannel maturity and by combining quantitative and qualitative criteria, MAD identifies the target vision that will boost the performance of the omnichannel customer experience, supported by precise action plans.

AI Acceleration

Recent developments in Deep Learning and generative AI are disrupting the ways of working across all industries and the Luxury sector is not exempt from this technological revolution. Beyond identifying the current applications of AI-enhanced tools (analysis and clustering, personalized recommendations, automated product pages...), MAD supports its clients in anticipating organizational changes and new challenges raised by AI.

Digital Performance & Advanced Analytics

Both online and offline, performance is at the heart of the Maison’s profitability. By analyzing both qualitatively and quantitatively e-commerce website and social networks performance (sessions, bounce rate, churn, conversion rate, traffic sources, # of followers, engagement rate…), MAD supports its clients in identifying use cases, processes, and tools that sustain the commercial performance of digital channels.

Digital Organisation & Transformation

Digital teams are in constant transformation, with a scope, influence, and role evolving quickly. In this context, MAD supports its clients’ organisational strategies, using proprietary methodologies and drawing on our unique knowledge of the sector.

E-commerce Assessment

MAD has created a proprietary methodology to assess the performance of an e-commerce site for a Maison in comparison to its competitors. The assessment breaks down all key criteria and sub-criteria of the user experience (homepage, navigation, checkout, content, etc.). Taking into account the e-commerce specificities of each sector and highlighting best practices per sub-criteria, this offering aims to bring out strengths and areas for improvement to formulate pragmatic and commercially effective recommendations.

E-merchandising Optimisation

In a world where clients expect e-commerce to provide "everything, ATAWAD", e-commerce assortment could undermine Luxury’s product perception of exclusivity and scarcity. In this context, how to combine seamless experience, elevated brand image, and maximized sales and sell-through? MAD's answer: a Magic and Logic approach addressing e-merchandising challenges by combining the excellence of luxury retail with the expertise of best-in-class e-retailers.

Digital Functionalities and Use Cases Mapping

Online and offline, digital tools enhance all the steps of clients and employees’ journeys. Whether to streamline a process, address a pain point, or simply enhance the experience, these tools must be thoroughly map-out before development. MAD supports its clients from identifying usage, image, and impact expectations to formalizing complete and effective use cases.

Social Media & Content Strategy

In an omnichannel approach, customer journeys must be reconsidered, ensuring consistency in the message, the tone, and the emotions across all channels. Feeding on the Maisons’ DNA and their experiential signature, MAD supports its clients in defining content strategies that serve image and business ambitions.

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